How is it going?

Just an update – I realized people are actually following this blog, waow! –

I’m rather ok, just a bit bored, I have been discussing with the Human Ressources about a new, not stressful, part time job, probably as a librarian since I had a 21 months experience in this field.

Till then, I am watching films (either horror films or dramatic ones) in English with French subtitles, and series. My concentration is quite ok. I’m reading the sequel to the Millenium trilogy, which I find quite good actually.

I go to the sales, but only buy what I really need, nothing superfluous pretexting that “it’s on sale”.

I meet a surgeon for my right elbow on Feb., indeed there is surgical material to be removed soon.

I hug and kiss and play with my beloved dog every day. Pets are a blessing.

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