DSCN8981 Discount/sale time is a good excuse to be a girly girl serial shopper. But to be honest, I spend more time in yard sales than in shops. Except maybe these last 3 days. Anyway, my blog hasn’t reached 100 followers yet (only 99!) so I can’t close the giveaway contest. So you can still apply if you want.


Giveway contest almost closed

This blog reached 98 followers! When it reaches 100 followers the following contest:

Romantic/girly giveaway

will be closed down and the winner will receive their parcel.

Remember: to participate, like my blog if you haven’t already and comment under the post of the giveaway contest ( Romantic/girly giveaway ) and specify that you want to win the giveaway contest! That’s it. Good luck!

Romantic/girly giveaway

And yes! I’m launching another giveaway contest. Again the content of the aforementionned giveaway present is not much, but it’s free, it’s cute and the shipping is free too!

Among the cutie stickers is maybe the most interesting part of the parcel: a necklace with a tiny Eiffel Tower (don’t ask me what it is made of, but I don’t think it’s silver, or maybe it is?) Anyway, to participate just sub to my blog and add a comment stating you want the giveaway so baaad!

The winner will just have to give me their snail mail address by private message for the shipping.

A bientôt! ♥