I don’t know if it’s anxiety or depression or boredom, or the three afore mentionned. It gets better round the evening, but fuck, I want to be fine during the day too!

One day at home with the impossibility of going out (today’s a bank holiday so no buses and parents doing work in the house so no drive) and I’m like lifeless. And my dreams…they are disturbing. I love men (?), I hug my female physiotherapist. And I’m pissed cos I feel like I have no control over my mood. Like God decides how I’m gonna feel today or the next day. Fuck.

Positive attitude

A healthy stable weight, little anxiety (still not gone, argh!), sunchine, preparing for a yard sale (I loove yard sales; buying and selling – this time I’m selling). Fun with my male phyisotherapist (wondering if I may be a little bi in the end. Hmm. Anyway he’s married and I just want us to be friends). My furbaby fills me with love and makes me laugh. Well focused on TV shows. Let’s hope this positivity lasts a looong time.

2014-06-29 08.50.20