Fan art : 4 people to follow


1.Ana Cadence A hippie-hypster-seapunk-ethnico style and an artsy soul from Australia

2.Lovely Lor One of the most kawaii girls in the world!

3.Stef Sanjati A gorgeous trans woman, advocacy of LGBTQ and makeup artist

4.Sylwia A geeky clever horror writer and model from Poland


I keep losing weight. It’s not too bad ATM but I must stop this loss and manage to at least maintain. I have lost my apetite; but getting sick won’t help her heal. I would give my life for hers but it’s not the way it works. On the contrary, I must – and I promised her to – take care of myself and cling to life, just like she too, promised me to.

I dressed alternative/personal style though I wasn’t willing to at first. But taking care of me starts with taking care of my appearance. I even put some make up.



I love her so much, I don’t want to lose her.

I nailed it


Sometimes you need to focus on mundane things like doing your nails to feel a lil bit better and think less about what’s hurting you.

I literally harrassed a former teach and friend on the FB instant message because she would not answer and I thought she was mad at me for whatever reason. She was just über busy! I apologized using the word “sorry” 3 times in the same sentence and I am going to give her a break for a while.

Nail art

15avril2016 I use vegan/cruelty-free cosmetics as much as I can. For this home-made manicure I used transparent and white Zao nail polish. The brand is certified organic and cruelty-free which I hope it really is. Actually, the shop assistant was honest and told me than nail varnish can’t be labelled as “organic”. They only contain fewer chemicals than the classic ones (no paraben, toluen free etc.)

I also used nail stickers that are not organic at all but I don’t think nail stickers are tested on animals. -_-