Happy Bday to me

Yes I’m one year older. I got this lovely card with a lovely note from my parents


My badass unicorn tee, a present of course!

Cash is also a great present to, let’s say, get a new haircut (badly needed one!)



Burning rose

You know how much I like making and sharing fan art on Instagram. Today I want to present Samara Rose who suffers from a painful chronic illness, and yet is very brave and works on her own wonderful style.

This is the video explaining her condition:

And if you want to follow her:

Samara’s Instagram

Fan art : 4 people to follow


1.Ana Cadence A hippie-hypster-seapunk-ethnico style and an artsy soul from Australia

2.Lovely Lor One of the most kawaii girls in the world!

3.Stef Sanjati A gorgeous trans woman, advocacy of LGBTQ and makeup artist

4.Sylwia A geeky clever horror writer and model from Poland


I keep losing weight. It’s not too bad ATM but I must stop this loss and manage to at least maintain. I have lost my apetite; but getting sick won’t help her heal. I would give my life for hers but it’s not the way it works. On the contrary, I must – and I promised her to – take care of myself and cling to life, just like she too, promised me to.

I dressed alternative/personal style though I wasn’t willing to at first. But taking care of me starts with taking care of my appearance. I even put some make up.



I love her so much, I don’t want to lose her.

I nailed it


Sometimes you need to focus on mundane things like doing your nails to feel a lil bit better and think less about what’s hurting you.

I literally harrassed a former teach and friend on the FB instant message because she would not answer and I thought she was mad at me for whatever reason. She was just über busy! I apologized using the word “sorry” 3 times in the same sentence and I am going to give her a break for a while.