Yesterday’s outfit



Drawing gear

I’ve almost finished remplishing the 0.50€ sketchbook I bought on a yard sale and had to buy a new one today. When I was in my teens I told myself you haven’t drawn enough and more precisely enough good drawings but now at age 31 I have quite a lot of sketches, drawings and paintings stocked in my desk and giant cardboard folders. Not all of them are perfect, not even close to good but the most important thing is to keep on trying.

Back to reality

I have an appointement with an Expert psychiatrist this evening to determine whether I can get back to work after more than a year of sick leave.
Now the new job hasn’t been determined. I would start part time for a year and than see how it works (no pun intended).
I am anxious because of what happened in my last job and I often have bad dreams about me working in various fields (fields I experienced mostly) and being criticized for my lack of ability and skills.
On the other hand, I can’t spend my life at home watching Youtube and doing the chores – although it doesn’t feel so bad; I feel safe this way.
Anyway. We’ll see what the expert psychiatrist’s conclusion will be.

A matter of weight? More a matter of health

I like being slim but I respect pro-fat movements.

I try to maintain, not to lose more and more.

I am happy for the overweight girl who loses weight in a safe and healthy  way.

I am happy for the emaciated anorexic who manages to put on weight and gets healthier.

What matters most is HEALTH. If you’re morbidly obese it is better to lose for HEALTH reasons more than aesthetics ones. If you’re skinny sick it is better to gain weight for your HEALTH which is more important than no longer looking like a skeleton.

If your weight is healthy but you don’t like the way you look, then I wish you to reach for self-acceptance, or – why not? – exercise in moderation to shape your body.

But always remember: What’s most important for your body is being HEALTHY.