How is it going?

Just an update – I realized people are actually following this blog, waow! –

I’m rather ok, just a bit bored, I have been discussing with the Human Ressources about a new, not stressful, part time job, probably as a librarian since I had a 21 months experience in this field.

Till then, I am watching films (either horror films or dramatic ones) in English with French subtitles, and series. My concentration is quite ok. I’m reading the sequel to the Millenium trilogy, which I find quite good actually.

I go to the sales, but only buy what I really need, nothing superfluous pretexting that “it’s on sale”.

I meet a surgeon for my right elbow on Feb., indeed there is surgical material to be removed soon.

I hug and kiss and play with my beloved dog every day. Pets are a blessing.



I’ve had moments of depressions, a panic attack, my heart hurting at times. I’m not surprised; I don’t want to say farewell to my physiotherapist but I have to.

I don’t even care if I stay a virgin all my life (well ok, maybe I care a bit) but I would like to keep flirting, joking, discussing life and stuff with him. I hope losing this precious relationship will bring more positive, long-lasting relationships with awesome people.

A charm, a fortune

A few time ago I used my Christmas money to order this beautiful pendant that means so much to me:


I hope It’ll enlighten my path. This week has been particularily difficult because the last session with my physiotherapist is drawing near and I know I will miss him.

A request

My former linguistics teacher asked me to create the cover for her newest book. I feel so honored she chose me!

I made a first attempt featuring london and a cup of tea floating on the Thames River. LOL

london5 (2)

I really hope my illustration will be on the cover of my teacher’s book!

Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve was quiet at home with my parents and bro.

We ate and drunk in moderation and watched a broadcast about the most famous songs these last decades and then 2 episodes of Lie to me.

We kissed and hugged at midnight and went to bed a little bit later. It was pleasant. What I liked less was the heavy New Year lunch at my grandparents the following day.

I was so full that I only ate a tangerine, a yogurt and a biscuit for dinner!

Now I am going to eat and exercise according to the number on the scale.