Inktober day 31!

I did it! I went through the whole inktober process!



Inktober #27

Honestly when I first started #inktober I was not sure at all whether I was going to do it fully but here I am, it’s nearly October 31st and I have made a drawing a day.


So far things have been going ok work-related, health-related and relationships related.

What to wear at work when you’ve an alt. style?

Let’s be honest, I can’t dress Goth or head-to-toe Lolita on my workplace.

I started my first working days with classic clothes, with a very little touch of vintage:


Vintage/modest rockabilly works perfectly well in an office. I play with hairbands and headbows.



Today I tried a casual lolita look. The frills are ok when they are only at the top or the bottom of the outfit.


I like the challenge of keeping part of my style but fitting in a non-creative workplace.