Portraits of Sophie & Elsie



Gemstones and colors

Disclaimer: talks about non scientifically proven facts and perceptions. I’m not trying to “convert” anyone. I believe in the freedom we were given to think and believe whatever we want.

I’ve told you in a previous post that the blue lantern made of crystal I always wear means a lot to me and has a special positive affect on my soul.

However, I’m very sensitive to ALL KIND OF ENERGIES.

About one year ago, my friend DaphnĂ© offered me a labradorite. It’s the black stone on the picture. It’s a protective stone. I think from now onward they will go together day and night.

I also wanted to talk about my clothes colors. I’ve been told many times to not wear too much black. Now I don’t believe it’s a “negative” color. It’s sometimes described as “neutral”. However, I need more light in my life. Pink is the color of gentle affection, I love wearing it. I will study more in depth the affect of each color on the body and mind.


Tree of Life

I’m not judging my past, but I used to romanticize Death somehow. I loved to wear skull and bones patterns, jewelry etc.

Since I’ve been working on regaining my vitality and love of life, little by little I sold or donated things that are no longer useful to my growth.

I re-discovered the Tree of Life, a symbol that symbolises Life, of course, but also the link between Earth and Heaven. As a human being I need to have roots to grow and branches to touch the skies. I found this necklace at a charity yard sale. And oh, yes, the former blue lantern is back, because the other one made me feel uneasy and this one definitely shines brighter!

IMG_20190815_204733 (2)