Wreck This Journal update


Art festival

This weekend’s art festival was great. From shy I became outgoing, talking about my art to unknown or little known people. I drew portraits with portrait drawers who told me I was good. I sold a piece of my artwork and came back with 2 sketches and a manga painting, plus all the sketches I did during the festival.

I am starting to make a path for my future.



For the first time in my life, I will exhibit some of my artwork in my village during 2 days in September.

There is also an art contest, and I thought bringing all the paraphernalia to paint (water, brushes, cleaning paper, palette…) and using all of the aforementionned trying not to make a mess would be a bad idea.

So I’ve started practising with alcohol felt pens. I will practise portrait drawing because I think faces are what I draw best.

Wish me good luck!
august alcohol felt pens