What to wear at work when you’ve an alt. style?

Let’s be honest, I can’t dress Goth or head-to-toe Lolita on my workplace.

I started my first working days with classic clothes, with a very little touch of vintage:


Vintage/modest rockabilly works perfectly well in an office. I play with hairbands and headbows.



Today I tried a casual lolita look. The frills are ok when they are only at the top or the bottom of the outfit.


I like the challenge of keeping part of my style but fitting in a non-creative workplace.

Back to work after 2 years on sick leave

I should go back to work on Oct. 1st.

It would be part time on a first place.

I will be something between an archivist and a librarian, reading and filing newspapers, writing summaries and reviews and sharing them through the intranet.

I’m bored at home but going back to work after all the ordeals I went through is a bit scary. Everybody says it’s normal after all this time but I’ll be ok.

No much news

My dog seems bored. So am I. I played with her this morning, throwing several balls in various directions, so she would be playful and excited. ♥

I keep on sketching out of the blue, still disappointed by the fact that without a blueprint the artwork is much less nice but I think I’m improving a bit nonetheless.


I’m having various medical appointements to determine when I go back to work. My health are much better after two years of treatement and recovery process.

My precious digital life

Like I said I don’t meet friends flesh and blood very often so to compensate I tend to have lots of digital interactions with people from the Net.

The girl I told you about who came to visit me with her bf is a long term digital relationship. I met her through her blog 10 years ago and she was very genuine in her writing, maybe a little bit too much personal on the WWW, but so was I at the time. We’ve met IRL no more than 5 times but we often keep in touch.

And then there are people who are more or less famous – mainly on Youtube – and seem charismatic and they help you learn and think about society issues/topics through their own personal experience: Religion, depression, trans life, alternative fashion…and it’s very nurturing to the mind and to the soul. Sometimes I like to draw fan art for them, like trans (M to F) girl Stef.Sanjati who I have been following for a while now.


All these people who don’t know me are part of my life, not as friends but as role models and inspirational individuals.