Gothic and/or Romantic giveaway

Hello there!

I thought I’d launched another giveaway about these two themes:

  • Goth
  • Romantic

The rule is simple: Bloggers who have a blog either about Goth fashion and/or goth art & craft or a blog about lace, frills, bows, lolita, romantic fashion can apply.

Just enter your blog address in the comment area of this post and write either “Goth” to receive the Goth package or “Romantic” to receive the romantic package. You can also ask a mix of the two (but you won’t get ALL of the Goth AND romantic package, hehe).

Don’t expect anything grandiose. I will put as much as I can in the parcel as regard to the limitation of the shipping fees (which I will pay for of course).



I obtained more sessions with Mr Handsome.

I wasn’t expecting it, but when I had a physical examination by an expert (for the Company insurance) he told me that my right arm, that I can’t stretch fully, could gain extending with physiotherapy. Now, I remember the manipulation of the arm was something quite painful. But the joy of seeing Mr Handsome again will be much stronger than the pain.



I’ve been going to bed early and waking up late these days.

Not that I’m particularily depressed. I need sleep. I will undergo another blood test in a few weeks. This time not on an empty stomach. Phew!

Tomorrow I meet an orthopaedist to determine how disabled I am physically speaking. My hip replacement allows me to do almost everything I want, my favourite type of exercising being walking, but I also like using the stepper to shape my body. My right arm works fine, but I’m not sure what restrictions will be set regarding lifting objects, how much weight it can lift, how many times, for how long…

Practising drawing (2)

Click to enlarge!

 I used to tell myself that I’d rather not draw than draw something unperfect. WTF? (I also thought once that my past had too many imperfections in it to keep my life going but it’s a whole new story). Now I keep every single sketch I make. I practise as much as I can and if the outcome is great, well, good for me, if not, let’s try again. The act of improving oneself is at least as much important as the improvement, if not more!

Nail art

15avril2016 I use vegan/cruelty-free cosmetics as much as I can. For this home-made manicure I used transparent and white Zao nail polish. The brand is certified organic and cruelty-free which I hope it really is. Actually, the shop assistant was honest and told me than nail varnish can’t be labelled as “organic”. They only contain fewer chemicals than the classic ones (no paraben, toluen free etc.)

I also used nail stickers that are not organic at all but I don’t think nail stickers are tested on animals. -_-

Blood test

The latest blood test I took shows I have no anemia, which is great, but my white cells are low. The doctor said this must be induced by Tercian and Xeroquel, the two meds I take before sleeping. I must rediscuss the treatment with my psychiatrist and I’m a bit anxious because my treatment makes me feel just fine the way it is and I fear any alteration in it.

For now, my white cells are going to be checked regularily and if they don’t drop much, I may keep following the exact same treatment.