Getting busy

I buy groceries. It’s an excuse to go out, wait for the bus, take one bus, two buses, shop for useful stuff and manage to kill time this way.

It’s sunny, it’s cool to go out under blue skies, I just feel a little lonely. Fortunately, I meet the best friend on Monday. And I spend the week end with my family. So far so good.


A lil bit better

So I’ve been back to 30 drops of Tercian (instead of 25) and today I felt much less stressed and tense. I can’t say I had a very good day, especially as I was a little bored and couldn’t really “get into” my episode of Dexter. I want to focus more like I used to when I was passionate by a film/a series. I think this will come back in time. For now I gotta have faith.


I spent three days ahead feeling unwell, anxious and depressed. But mainly anxious. I have decided to drink water with high magnesium rate again because magnesium is good to fight stress. Yesterday my mum told me to take one more Tranxene and I did not like it because I don’t want to rely on pills when I’m unwell but I must admit it helped. I hope I won’t get into that anti-anxiety pills addiction again. I have started to draw again as it helps me relax and that is non chemical.

Practising my English again

Season 2 of Orange is the New Black (female convicts series) is released and this time I’m watching the episodes in English (I used to watch them in French as it was hard enough to concentrate on TV with my depression and medication). I also like Dexter although it’s not a brand new series. It helps pass the time alone and helps me improve my English. What more could I ask for?