I’m so inspired

This girl is living the life of a gothic lolita…in a wheelchair. I couldn’t bear spending 3 months and a half in one of them, I dressed poorly all this time, but this girl, she spends her life in radiant clothes in a wheelchair. So I made fan artwork for her because she is SO inspirational.

frillability (3)


Don’t jump (or overdose on pills or slice your wrists or do yourself any harm)


This is me last Christmas a few weeks after I jumped from the top of an emergency staircase and crashed on the floor 6 meters below thus breaking part of my hip and the head of my femur. I stayed 3 months and a half in a wheelchair. I couldn’t pee or poo on my own, I hardly ever get out of the house because my dad who was in charge of me had a bad back, hence he couldn’t often drive me outside, I needed the help of nurses to wash me and dress me and I often wore pyjamas or sweatpants instead of the lovely alternative clothes I liked so much. I tried to focus on TV shows but my treatment made it difficult for me to follow the shows. I had to sleep in a medical bed in the living room.

Today I can walk again but have a limpy leg and some thigh pains sometimes. Think twice before you try to kill yourself…

Life goes on

These last days/weeks have been quite good except for some downs and a panic attack. My life is back to “normal”, but the trauma of the worst relapse I ever had, which lasted several months, is still here. I try to seize the day and not think about the future and especially about future pain. Cos I do know there will be more pain because c’est la vie, but I don’t want to think it’s gonna happen anytime soon or that it will be as bad as the last relapse was. Also I am still in touch with my beloved physiotherapist and former linguistics teacher, both of whom I have deep feelings for. It’s only a few words on FB or a SMS but it always makes my day.