A dangerous trend

Have you heard of drunkorexia? It consists in not eating to be able to binge drink. Indeed, alcohol contains lots of calories, so in order to stay slim, many girls skip meals and only indulge in the calories contained in their drinks. Also, drinking on an empty stomach makes you drunk faster and that is also something drunkorexics seek for.

Unfortunately this trend is extremely bad for your health: brain disease and heart complications appear on the long term. On the short term there are much more risks for you to be in an ethylic coma. And of course, you’re very vulnerable to rape and unsafe sex.

Is it really a form of anorexia?

For most people it’s not. They only skip meals when they plan to drink a lot. But I do know some people who really suffer from an eating disorder who fear calories in everything except – strangely – in alcohol. I know someone, for example, who basically eats only low-fat cereal in the morning and a can of tuna for lunch daily (when she doesn’t binge and purge) but gets drunk almost every day. In her case, she suffers from two addictions: anorexia and alcoholism.

Anyway, whether you do suffer from an eating disorder or only skip meals to binge drink, you ought to know your health is at stake.



BMI isn’t all

BMI isn't all

“Jessica is “overweight” — and a triathlete”

This photo is part of a great photoset showing than BMI isn’t really a reliable way of telling how thin or fat and healthy you are.
In the case of this triathlete, muscle weighs more than fat, hence the higher BMI.