Life is fighting. Not fighting “against”, but “fighting for”. For your rights, your health, your wellness, yourself and your loved ones…once you’ve accepted to be a warrior, you feel you’re strong enough to live.


Better to get burned once in a while than to be eternally distrustful.

She may be right. I think I shouldn’t blame myself either for loving people at once without being careful. It means that I’m open hearted, and it’s not a flaw. Oh, I do think I’ll end up being more careful, but I don’t think I will be utterly cynical. Nice people do exist. She is the living proof of it.

A lantern tattoo…

5 days ago I went to a tattoo shop. I booked an appointement and had to give a deposit (30 euros – $40). I had drawn the tattoo I wanted (you guess what? A blue lantern, of course). I was excited but scared at the same time. The appointement was on August 1st at 2:30 pm. I was sick (kind of TMI) for 2 days because of this decision and the nigt before d day I had insomnia. I realized that my parents would be shell-shocked if I had a tattoo done. And I realized it is a life-long committment. So I cancelled. It’s a pity I lost my 30 euros, but I can’t do it. No I can’t.

But I still want it..