img_20160616_184817.jpgIt’s getting so hot that I almost have a sexual life.


Romantic/girly giveaway

And yes! I’m launching another giveaway contest. Again the content of the aforementionned giveaway present is not much, but it’s free, it’s cute and the shipping is free too!

Among the cutie stickers is maybe the most interesting part of the parcel: a necklace with a tiny Eiffel Tower (don’t ask me what it is made of, but I don’t think it’s silver, or maybe it is?) Anyway, to participate just sub to my blog and add a comment stating you want the giveaway so baaad!

The winner will just have to give me their snail mail address by private message for the shipping.

A bientôt! ♥



FSCN8825 Did not feel like writing. I went out a lot, to yard sales and surplus stores. I guess shopping fills a void, but I am wise enough to know things can’t buy happiness. Nevertheless my mood is stable. Trying not to worry too much about my ill friend, trying to not be overly emotional with my married with 3 kidz physiotherapist, writing a book about my burn out story, watching new season of OITNB on Netflix…well it seems I’m finally good at keeping my head above the water.

I have bad dreams/nightmares

For the past couple of months my sleep has been disturbed by unpleasant dreams, sometimes scary, sometimes depressing. I know my burn out experience, psych ward inpatient experience and my suicide attempt leading to a broken femur have been a huge trauma. It’s perfectly logical that my dreams – hence my subconscious – are expressing an inner turmoil. Not to mention that I’m worried about my ill friend.

Dreams range to colleagues/ex schoolmates bullying, telling me I’m worth nothing/do things the wrong way to evil spirits attacks nightmares, including my locking in a loony asylum against my will.

I hope the more I will talk to the shrink, the less my subconscious will create these bad dreams.


I worked again!

After almost 2 yearDSCN6566s of sick leave which reason I explain here I eventually helped as a volunteer at my parents workplace!

It was easy: filling administrative papers with the help of my mum but it helped me feel useful, busy and no more lonely.

Maybe I worked no more than an hour but it was a good kick start!