Going on

My morning was not really great. Still home alone with the dog (thanks God I have her), I was unable to focus on much interesting stuff to pass the time. I took pictures of my outfit of the day as usual for my fashion and lifestyle blog; I’m wearing faux tattoo sleeves I got for a trifle at the surplus store, it looks amazing, almost like both my arms were actually tattooed!

I managed to take a nap after lunch which is so good because when I sleep I do not suffer. And what’s even better is that my lovely furbaby snoozed with me – on me! – on the couch. So fluffy and warm!

I tried to focus on an episode of fantastic series “Shadowhunters” but my focus was so so. Anyway.

I’m looking forward to do something pleasant and interesting.

Even though working again scares me, now I feel ready to involve in a job to pass the time.


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