Alternative fashion and I

I discovered Japanese alternative fashion when I was around 16. I wasn’t interested at the time and liked to dress kinda grungeish. But when I reached the age of 19, the year I entered college, strangely I fell in love with the kawaii style of the  Japanese girls from the book FRUITS. I went to college dressed in colourful outfits with stripes, skulls, fishnet, spikes and everything crazy from the Harajuku style. I had a “Nu goth” phase which is not really over at 30+ now. Then I dived into each and every alt. clothing style: it is dizzily! From punk to goth, from kawaii to decora, from emo to scene, including lolita there is so much to learn and enjoy! It’s a richness I never get tired of, I watch every show about it, whether it mocks the fashion(s) or embraces it.

And the best thing is…I’m sure there is more to come!


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