Emotional chaos

My emotions are a bit chaotic at the moment. Yesterday I called my former lit. teacher who sent me packing without any explanation. We had remained close despite the distance, sending each other cards and gifts. I tried not to feel miserable and tell myself she had her reasons. I called my former Brit. civilisation teacher and she was very kind and warm, telling me how happy she was to hear my voice and how sad my last letter made her feel. Then I had my best friend on the phone with whom I joked a bit like we often do. I tried to join my former female physiotherapist but obviously she doesn’t want to interact with me anymore. Why do people often come and go as fast a shooting star in our lives? I also have to deal with the feelings I have for my male physiotherapist. I try to focus on multiple tasks in the day but honestly when I know I have an appointement with him round 5PM I mostly wait all day and I really really hate it. I must not be dependant. I should have learnt the lesson.

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