Holidays outfit 2016

You may have noticed that I am no longer hiding my face on this blog. The reason is, I do not break any rule of the public service as a civil servant. I also write this blog in English and never use my real name, address or mention where I work.



OOTD + news

DSCN8647Today I have another appointement with Mr Handsome. I’m getting less excited/edgy/nervous/crazy with time. It’s becoming more of a deep friendly feeling for him within my heart and less of a romantic and sexual attraction. It’s safer this way. I’m writing my 3rd book (in French) although my 2 first ones were never published. I guess it is more like a therapy than a way of becoming a promising, well-known writer.

Ups and downs.

The day before yesterday was fine. I drew my former linguistics teacher’s caricature at her request and she shared it on her profile page; she laughed, people laughed, I laughed, well so told the LOL smileys that appeared on her profile page because I haven’t seen her flesh and blood for like…8 years? I had to guess what she looked like and after I made the caricature she sent me a recent pic as a reward. It made my day.

Yesterday I was so so at the beginning of the day and then became depressed with guilt feelings. The guilt increased when I kept thinking I had seducted a married man (aka Mr. Handsome) but then I tried to calm down and tell myself that nothing happened, he was clear about that point, he would not be “my first one” so, all right, I haven’t broken his couple and family, and I won’t, so chill girl!

Today was better. I didn’t do anything special, I stayed in front of my laptop a good while after taking shots of my ootd for my alt. style blog. Whilst yesterday I dragged myself along in the house in sweatpants, today I put on my beautiful steamlolita dress by Banned UK and an absolutely gorgeous officer jacket I thrifted.

I tried to do my nails, but I haven’t finished, may postpone it to tomorrow.


OOTD & physiotherapy

In a few hours I am going to see Mr Handsome again which is both exciting and a bit scary coz I had reached a balance in my life with hobbies and stuff and I hope my feelings and emotions won’t trouble my peaceful -though slightly boring- daily life. Anyway. I decided to dress lolita today. Specifically an AliceInWonderlandish lolita.



My physiotherapist (Mr Handsome) had to cancel our session for this afternoon because one of his kids is sick (one more reason for me to not like kids, LOL).

I was disappointed but got over it quickly. Anyway, we’ll meet next week.

Apart from that, I love the way I dress today almost only with second-hand finds. I look steampunkish and it is really cool. collage (2)