Have a bit of Lisbeth Salander in your veins

This blog is mainly about well-being, mental balance and open-heartedness. So why on Earth would I set Lisbeth as an paradigm? She’s antisocial, drinks and smokes way too much, and has real difficulties to express her feelings.

OK. But she’s also a fucking warrior. Despite all she’s been through (her father abused her mother, she was locked in a loony hospital and then raped by her tutor) she never tried to kill herself. Instead, she worked to solve her problems. I am not advising to try and kill those who hurt you! But, like Lisbeth, stand up for yourself. Learn to give, learn to forgive, but only to a certain extend. When the hurt is bigger than the wellness, you have to fight against/deal with/leave behind whatever or whoever causes the hurt. That’s the Lisbeth spirit.Image

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