I haven’t read a novel in weeks (actually I’ve been reading the same book about laicity, and how to apply it in the French society, schools and workplaces without offending religious people – very interesting).

I haven’t drawn anything in a few days and I need practising again or my ability will  remain unimproved.

Work is going fine. But I can’t figure myself starting work early in the morning yet, so I need my medically required part-time to be carried forward for at least six more months.

Regarding my mental health, it’s fine. I haven’t really been depressed or anxious in quite a long time, except when thinking about people who seem to have let me down, but c’est la vie.

Idleness is no good

There’s been quite a lot of anxiety in my life these days. I can’t tell exactly why. Strangely (and fortunately), it is not about work; on the contrary, I’m glad to have something to do in the afternoon other than spending my time in front of a computer.

On a positive side, I have continued to doodle for my personal satisfaction and welfare.


Back to work after 2 years on sick leave

I should go back to work on Oct. 1st.

It would be part time on a first place.

I will be something between an archivist and a librarian, reading and filing newspapers, writing summaries and reviews and sharing them through the intranet.

I’m bored at home but going back to work after all the ordeals I went through is a bit scary. Everybody says it’s normal after all this time but I’ll be ok.

I worked again!

After almost 2 yearDSCN6566s of sick leave which reason I explain here I eventually helped as a volunteer at my parents workplace!

It was easy: filling administrative papers with the help of my mum but it helped me feel useful, busy and no more lonely.

Maybe I worked no more than an hour but it was a good kick start!

Back to reality

I have an appointement with an Expert psychiatrist this evening to determine whether I can get back to work after more than a year of sick leave.
Now the new job hasn’t been determined. I would start part time for a year and than see how it works (no pun intended).
I am anxious because of what happened in my last job and I often have bad dreams about me working in various fields (fields I experienced mostly) and being criticized for my lack of ability and skills.
On the other hand, I can’t spend my life at home watching Youtube and doing the chores – although it doesn’t feel so bad; I feel safe this way.
Anyway. We’ll see what the expert psychiatrist’s conclusion will be.

One step after the other

I realized I can’t project my future; it’s too scary. I have to enjoy the now, live one day after the other, be it good, bad or in between.

I know I have to think about my redeployment. I want to have this busy life again and I fear it at the same time. I just know I can’t stay at home for the rest of my life. I have bad dreams about working again, dreams that involve me being overwhelmed and unable to work properly. I hope this shall pass.



Couch potato

For 2 days now I’ve been unable to go out. The weather has been gloomy but not that rainy but that’s not the main reason why. I feel stressed at the idea of leaving the house, walking to the bus stop, taking the bus and finding myself alone in a city I yet know by heart. It’s been ok cos I could focus on nice shows or films and my doggie makes appreciated company. But in January I am going to work on my redeployment after a one year + sick leave. I do want to work again, but knowing my latest job took my sanity and almost took my life, it’s understandable that I should feel nervous – excuse the euphemism.