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likeable-blog-1000-2x I apologize to those who follow me for the lack of posts these last weeks. I have been busy with trying to find a new job that fits both my abilities and disabilities. I also have made another step towards independence since I will soon have my own flat. I need to see my physiotherapist on a regular basis due to my right groin pains but I won’t complain much about it bc the treatment is massages and they are quite pleasant. 🙂

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Believing the nightmare is over

Sometimes I have a hard time believing the past four months nightmare is over. Yet I HAVE to if I want to have a normal, even pleasant life again. I have to shush the little voice that says: You were born to suffer. I WAS NOT. I have the right to be happy now.

Living again after a life interrupted

This morning my moods were a bit low because I was home alone and the dog barking outside would not want to get in the house again. But now my father is home and the dog is sleeping near the fire and I’m feeling more peaceful. I run a bit the exercise bike and lifted dumbells.

I lost a few extra-pounds without starving myself or overexercising. I need to put into my mind that everything’s OK now.

2015-03-09 11.15.03

Stuff that made me feel good today

  • After I argued with my mum over something trivial, I decided to calm down. I felt a bit floppy and tense at the same time, so I played relaxing music and lay in bed for more than an hour. I did not sleep, I only dozed, but I felt regenarated after that. I made some coffee and had a cup to warm up and sparkle up my neurotransmitters.
  • Later I played some vampire movie I bought months ago at a yard sale. It was entertaining, and I liked sitting comfy on the couch, my legs covered by a soft warm blanket.Image