Other OOTD sketches


Sketching my dog while she’s sleeping

This furbaby is the love of my life. I have already sketched my dog Jasmine from pictures taken of her, but it’s the first time I draw her from nature while she’s not moving (which she does all the time, of course, she’s a dog!).

Going out, meetin friends, and drawing

After meeting my BFF a few days ago, yesterday I went out with ma fée and her boyfriend.

When we don’t use her name to keep her anonymous we use her nickname ma fée (my fairy) because she does look like a pixie creature.

We walked my dog, went to the town center, ate in an Asian restaurant, walked in my hometown and took pics, went back to my house to chat around a coffee. A pleasant time it was. Alas they live very far and only come on holiday in my region every 2 years. Our relationship will continue on the world wide web as usual.

Apart from that, I am quite proud of these 2 sketches made WITHOUT A BLUEPRINT: