I haven’t read a novel in weeks (actually I’ve been reading the same book about laicity, and how to apply it in the French society, schools and workplaces without offending religious people – very interesting).

I haven’t drawn anything in a few days and I need practising again or my ability will  remain unimproved.

Work is going fine. But I can’t figure myself starting work early in the morning yet, so I need my medically required part-time to be carried forward for at least six more months.

Regarding my mental health, it’s fine. I haven’t really been depressed or anxious in quite a long time, except when thinking about people who seem to have let me down, but c’est la vie.


Mind exercise

My psychological and emotional state fluctuates for no apparent reason . One day I am anxious and / or depressed from the morning onward; the following day goes well, oh it’s not heavens, but it ‘s okay. (Apparently) nothing special happened in the meantime. Today I enjoyed reading my favorite monthly magazine, this book on street art borrowed from the library, while waiting for the bus and while traveling in it. Drinking a cup of coffee in a diner. Finding a little card for my medievalist to write her on the pretext of wishing her a happy Halloween. And feeling hopeful for a while: A part-time job may be waiting for me.
I sometimes think : self- persuasion , positive thinking , I need to dig into it. As I’ve said before it was not possible in the past, My mind was too broken , too sticky. But the little antipsychotic might have done its job. And I have done mine . I think I need to continue taking this big white pill and repeat positive sentences at bedtime.