Sweet loli dreams

Today I finished a painting I had started yeeeaaars before. It is never too late. 😉



Thrift haul

Yesterday I went to my favourite thriftstore and among many treasures I found these adorable kawaii items:


Actually the box on the left is my very first My Melody item and it has cute stickers inside ❤ .

As for Little Pet Shops, I hesitated going into them but this princessy creature was too cute for me to leave it behind me.


Clothing tags collection

Many people all over the World collect various things: epiphany cakes’ charms, figurines, cards, stamps, paintings…

I am not really a collector person, I don’t spend outrageous amount of money on a collection but I do like to keep every pretty clothing tag that I get from buying new clothes or that my mum gives me when she buys a piece of clothes for her. Most are made of paper, but some are really artistic, like that mini vinyl-like plastic tag or that fabric white&pink lacey gothic lolita & punk tag.

I keep them in photo albums.