Fan art : 4 people to follow


1.Ana Cadence A hippie-hypster-seapunk-ethnico style and an artsy soul from Australia

2.Lovely Lor One of the most kawaii girls in the world!

3.Stef Sanjati A gorgeous trans woman, advocacy of LGBTQ and makeup artist

4.Sylwia A geeky clever horror writer and model from Poland


Holidays outfit 2016

You may have noticed that I am no longer hiding my face on this blog. The reason is, I do not break any rule of the public service as a civil servant. I also write this blog in English and never use my real name, address or mention where I work.


Clothing tags collection

Many people all over the World collect various things: epiphany cakes’ charms, figurines, cards, stamps, paintings…

I am not really a collector person, I don’t spend outrageous amount of money on a collection but I do like to keep every pretty clothing tag that I get from buying new clothes or that my mum gives me when she buys a piece of clothes for her. Most are made of paper, but some are really artistic, like that mini vinyl-like plastic tag or that fabric white&pink lacey gothic lolita & punk tag.

I keep them in photo albums.


Gothic and/or Romantic giveaway

Hello there!

I thought I’d launched another giveaway about these two themes:

  • Goth
  • Romantic

The rule is simple: Bloggers who have a blog either about Goth fashion and/or goth art & craft or a blog about lace, frills, bows, lolita, romantic fashion can apply.

Just enter your blog address in the comment area of this post and write either “Goth” to receive the Goth package or “Romantic” to receive the romantic package. You can also ask a mix of the two (but you won’t get ALL of the Goth AND romantic package, hehe).

Don’t expect anything grandiose. I will put as much as I can in the parcel as regard to the limitation of the shipping fees (which I will pay for of course).

Practising drawing (2)

Click to enlarge!

 I used to tell myself that I’d rather not draw than draw something unperfect. WTF? (I also thought once that my past had too many imperfections in it to keep my life going but it’s a whole new story). Now I keep every single sketch I make. I practise as much as I can and if the outcome is great, well, good for me, if not, let’s try again. The act of improving oneself is at least as much important as the improvement, if not more!