Idleness is no good

There’s been quite a lot of anxiety in my life these days. I can’t tell exactly why. Strangely (and fortunately), it is not about work; on the contrary, I’m glad to have something to do in the afternoon other than spending my time in front of a computer.

On a positive side, I have continued to doodle for my personal satisfaction and welfare.


Life is moody

I still have no news from my friend with a brain tumor.

Another friend stopped talking to me on FB’s chat room.

On the other hand, I talked with my best friend on the phone and he’s coming to see me tomorrow.

I saw Mr Handsome again, we couldn’t hug cos there were patients in the room but he sat very close to me and asked me how I was.

It’s roller coasters again. I prefer that to depression downfall but switching from well being to depression is nonetheless tiring and trying. Hope to have a stable mood.