Merry Christmas!

dec christmas (1) dec christmas (5)

This year Christmas’ eve was nice with my family, we watched Mary Poppins, had a fine meal and opened our presents at midnight.

I got a Kobo Clara HD book reader SEE HERE as I read a lot of books and have no more room on my library shelves…

The first book I read with it was “Every Breath I take” by Claire Wineland, an account of her life and journey through cystic fibrosis. It was all the more so moving that I had discovered her on Youtube a few months before she died after a lung transplant this September. She truly is an inspiration.

dec christmas (4)

The next present comes from Daphnée, please do check her Etsy shop, she is SO talented!

dec gifts daphnee (2)dec gifts daphnee (3)dec gifts daphnee (1)

I hope you too had a nice Christmas and if not I send you a big hug and wish you a better New Year.

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