Drawing my faith

july starseed (4) At one point in my life I felt the need to write down my childhood story and I came up with a lot of mystical experiences such as the following one :

Sometimes I became meditative and contemplative. At nap time in nursery school, the navy blue curtains seen in the feeble light of the resting room vaguely reminded me a feeling both mysterious and familiar from outer space. We also had relaxation sessions. In the nursery school there was a kind of amphitheatre. We would lay in the center of it, on the orange linoleum and I contemplated the high ceiling in the middle of which a roof window let me catch a glimpse of the sky. One day while gazing at it I remember being filled with huge unexplainable feelings of hope and peace. Then I heard my own voice in my head asserting: “They are here. I must not be afraid.

My pseudo is “Lanterna” because of a dream I had about a mesmerizing lantern with a blue flame rising in the night.

But I am not your typical New Age girl. I tried about anything and everything spiritual to heal my depression, social phobia, GAD etc. like meditation, yoga, reiki, acupuncture… and it took me a long time to realize what would work on other people wouldn’t necessarily work on me.

I manage with my “otherness” my own way: love is very important. I never had a significant other but I have close friends and a caring family and a sweet dog.

I draw a lot. My favourite illustrations are my children carrying lanterns ones. magus_childlutinlantbleue

I can perceive the light spirits around me when I go to bed. Their energy is even too powerful to handle sometimes.

I see life as an experience; while I try to enjoy it, I know it’s not my end-in-sight.

I’m getting more and more “grounded” but I still need to express my longing for outer space…

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