3 thoughts on “Pro-ana vs fatspo (vlog)

  1. Food is a dangerous thing, sadly. No matter in what way it first might seem to help (eating instead of getting love *me a few years ago and still sometimes* or frustration, not eating or throwing up for whatever reason, even too much of food planning / controlling…) in the end any non-natural eating behaviours will harm you. actually i think humans get taught to not listen to their bodies and needs, instead we use it and very often a wrong way and then struggle to maybe eat healthy and according to our needs again… damn society and what it does to everyone.

    1. I’m sorry you’ve been through eating disorders, some friends of mine struggled too and I could see how terrible it was. I used to undereat bc I was anxious, depressed, in love, suicidal…I lost my hair, I was always cold, constipated, dizzy etc. Now I listen to my body; when have a sweet tooth, I eat some sweet food. When I want carbs I eat pasta. When I’m not hungry, I eat only a little. My hunger regulates on itself. I hope you find your own balance. XOXO

      1. It is difficult when times are streyyful but other than that I’m fine, going 100% back to montignac as soon as possible so everything will be fine. hope your friends were able to successfully fight those eating disorders and for you as well but sounds like youre doing good now food wise! ❤

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