Holidays outfit 2016

You may have noticed that I am no longer hiding my face on this blog. The reason is, I do not break any rule of the public service as a civil servant. I also write this blog in English and never use my real name, address or mention where I work.



4 thoughts on “Holidays outfit 2016

    1. Je l’aime beaucoup aussi, c’était à l’époque où il y avait un magazin de mode jap dans ma ville, dommage qu’il ait fermé. En attendant, j’y ai fait mon “plein” LOL.

  1. Good thing! I wish the rules / laws in Germany were that easy. When you have a website here you need to post your name and a valid adress (mailbox is not enough) but in the end i think people will find out what they want to find out so why hide anything, especially when its a pretty face! ❤ love the cozy but good looking outfits!

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