How Goth can be a positive thing?

First of all, I will begin this post by telling everyone that I am not a “real” Goth, because I don’t really like the music and according to many Goths I talked to, music and the scene are mainly what make you Goth. That being said, I could be considered as a “Nu goth“, someone who dresses  gothy but doesn’t listen to the music.


Yes I like corsets, lace, velvet, black velvet, burgundy velvet, spikes, skulls; I also like the comic character “Nemi”, horror films and Halloween. I know Evanescence and Within Temptation are not Goth bands but metal bands, I read enough of The Goth Bible to know that Christian Death, Siousie Sioux, Bauhaus…are Goth bands, but I don’t like their music and I won’t force myself into listening to it to feel “Goth enough”.


That being said, let’s go back to my title: How Goth can be a positive thing? Indeed, too many people believe that Goth subculture is about self harm, depression and suicide, Death worship or worse, Devil worship.

I’ve been through hell, really: I’ve been suffering from depression, anxiety, social phobia, bullying, possibly borderline personality disorder, spent time in a psych ward, tried to kill myself several times.

But this has NEVER had to do with my involvement in the Goth subculture; instead, wearing dark clothes with skulls and spikes helped me express my pain in another way than self-harming. Watching horror movies was a way to increase adrenaline without putting myself in danger. Nemi is very funny, in a sarcastic way, I had a good time reading the comic books. Halloween fills me with joy and energy, I decorate the house, dress up to welcome the trick or treaters at my door…

When I started recovering after being stuck in a wheelchair due to a 2-storey fall, the first thing I wanted to do was to put on my black and red Queen of Darkness long skirt, a black velvet top and get my streaks dyed red again.

I HAVE NEVER worshipped any kind of evil entity; I don’t belong to a religion, but I believe in the Divine, a universal energy of Light and unconditional love.

To me, Goth is a way to express my darker creativity without harming myself or anyone else.

6 thoughts on “How Goth can be a positive thing?

  1. Well, think about where the word came from. Its origins stem from the East Germanic language, and another branch on the Goth tree has to do with an architectural style found during the 14th-16th centuries, or thereabouts. I associate with being Goth- but it has nothing to do with spikes, or wearing black, or the whole “Goth culture” regarding clothing or makeup. As an artist, I prefer heavy blacks and shadows (very much Noir) in my photos and art work, and often use grunge textures, etc.; so my style is heavily influenced by the Gothic “era”- but not its “culture”. So, we can pick and choose which branches we prefer. It’s all from the same tree- but some prefer twigs (such as myself), whereas others are the roots and are heavily grounded in it- and still others are so saturated that Goth oozes out of them- like the sap from the tree. 😉 No one type is “more Goth” that the others: We’re all different types of it, stemming from different locations, and for different reasons.

    The bottom line is, other peoples’ perceptions of us are just that- “perceptions”- in thought form.Whereas our own perception of ourselves is much more than a mere thought, it is who we ARE, which is flesh and blood.

    “I think, therefore I am.” 😉 Other peoples’ perceptions of us can only change who we are if we stop believing in ourselves. By doing so, we give them the power. For that reason, we should always believe in who we are.

    And this is what 5 years of college psychology has done to my brain….haa. So sorry. 😉 Hope you have a great Christmas! x

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