Yesterday was my penultimate session with Mr. Handsome.

We were quite wise. I mean no hitting on each other (or almost) as a game. Well it’s a game for him, but my feelings are genuine.

He gave me a looong warm hug at the end of the session. His heart was beating fast (It was the 3rd time it has happened) so I guess he does have feelings for me too but I respect the fact that he’s a faithful husband and nothing else will happen between us.

I’ve begun to accept the fact I may not see him again after the last session. Unless I wait for him some Tuesday afternoon downstair in front of the medical building like I already did.

It is so funny to think I chose a male physiotherapist thinking I was 100% lesbo and it was safe. Turned out I’m bi. Twice as much choice eh? Unless I fall for unavalaible people.

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