Why her?

I just learned yesterday that one of my best friends has cancer.

I took the taxi right after I heard the news to meet her (1h30 trip) , could only stay 30 mn before I went back home in a taxi as well, thus spending 600 euros in a day. For a 30 mn meeting. I regret nothing. She looked so fragile, I was so sad, I hugged her and told her to take all the light she needs from me.

I made this for her:


3 thoughts on “Why her?

  1. So sorry to hear about your friend. I am really hating the ‘C’ word, as I have known many affected in cancer in some way, plus a member in my family had cancer. Recently, I learnt that a friend of mine, her husband has cancer. But this should be good news in the end for them, as it has not spread.

    When supporting someone through a difficult time, it is really hard when you cannot see them as much as you like. But what we do get to see of them, the time is very precious. I know you would have probably liked to have much a longer time with your friend and I hope you get to see more of this friend. But the time you have spent with your friend will have been precious for you both and I bet the picture you gave, she loved.

  2. Fuck. Cancer. That asshole disease again. I am sorry, hoping there is something that can be done… And totally undestand spending a fortune to visit a friend in need.

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