Drawing, dressing, loving, sighing

I’m still practising my art. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not that good, but never mind…


13259101_126827554400827_1290279025_nStill dressing whimsically…

…and loving Mr Handsome who is still taken but I’m less affected by this “detail” and respect his marital status (but a quick hug is not cheating uh?)

And leaving the practise with nostalgia and withdrawal symptoms.

Getting home and waiting for the dinner and then the night TV show and then to bed, hoping I will dream about Mr Handsome (which is not cheating either).

Damn! Life!

2 thoughts on “Drawing, dressing, loving, sighing

  1. Haha,,,,I got a good chuckle about the Mr. Handsome comments. No, it is not cheating…unless you grab his butt when you hug him. But hey, not if you trip and fall and he “accidentally” falls with you and “accidentally” get tangled up, right?

    Ok…maybe that is too…heheh. But hey, a girl can dream, right? 🙂

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