Childfree is a choice

I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future.

I’m living a day at a time.

The thing I am sure of  is I musn’t bring down a child with me in this story. Even if I am feeling balanced one day, I must remember I can slip at any time and be a burden to myself and closed ones and a liability I must take care of/who must be taken care of, so nope, no place for a kid in my tumultuous existence. Stop telling my mum she’ll have grandchildren when talking about me. My brother may have kids some day. I’ll be a great aunt. Not a great mother.

2 thoughts on “Childfree is a choice

  1. Humm… yes, sometimes decisions have to be made – i will most probably be an auntie for all my friends kids forever, far too complicated person to ever have find a guy to have a family with XD but being an auntie can be a lot of fun! ❤

  2. I just saw an amazing meme about this very thing and how it’s so belittling to assume people don’t know what they want. I may be a mother some day, but I certainly don’t need 50 people asking me what I’m doing with my body or why I haven’t done a particular thing with it.

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