Ups and downs.

The day before yesterday was fine. I drew my former linguistics teacher’s caricature at her request and she shared it on her profile page; she laughed, people laughed, I laughed, well so told the LOL smileys that appeared on her profile page because I haven’t seen her flesh and blood for like…8 years? I had to guess what she looked like and after I made the caricature she sent me a recent pic as a reward. It made my day.

Yesterday I was so so at the beginning of the day and then became depressed with guilt feelings. The guilt increased when I kept thinking I had seducted a married man (aka Mr. Handsome) but then I tried to calm down and tell myself that nothing happened, he was clear about that point, he would not be “my first one” so, all right, I haven’t broken his couple and family, and I won’t, so chill girl!

Today was better. I didn’t do anything special, I stayed in front of my laptop a good while after taking shots of my ootd for my alt. style blog. Whilst yesterday I dragged myself along in the house in sweatpants, today I put on my beautiful steamlolita dress by Banned UK and an absolutely gorgeous officer jacket I thrifted.

I tried to do my nails, but I haven’t finished, may postpone it to tomorrow.


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