Nail art

15avril2016 I use vegan/cruelty-free cosmetics as much as I can. For this home-made manicure I used transparent and white Zao nail polish. The brand is certified organic and cruelty-free which I hope it really is. Actually, the shop assistant was honest and told me than nail varnish can’t be labelled as “organic”. They only contain fewer chemicals than the classic ones (no paraben, toluen free etc.)

I also used nail stickers that are not organic at all but I don’t think nail stickers are tested on animals. -_-

4 thoughts on “Nail art

  1. Sometimes it is scary what is being tested on animals… great naildo though and i love that the lady seemed to be honest with you! (btw, as far as i know illamasqua, stargazer, chinaglaze and kiko are cruelty free and have nice polishes!)

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