I have to get over him

I walked the city streets up and down like a crazy girl looking for his practise asked my way to strangers passing by found his practise after miles my feet did not even feel he was not here her colleague told me to come back later I came back waiting for him on the parking lot here he comes in his car surprised to see me he asks why are you here I miss you he says he can’t give me what I ask for not even sure what I’m asking for  we hug 3 times and surprisingly his heart throbs very fast the last time someone’s heart bit that fast for me it was in high school I was with a girl my age we never went very far I said I’d rather still be a lesbian I pleasantly said he might be a woman you like my female side he said I have to go to work I will answer the letter you sent me.

Must. Absolutely. Get. Over. Him.

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