When your love life sucks

As someone who’s always fallen in love with taken or married elusive straight women I got used to settle for the minimum affection from them, long-distance “friendship” and/or scarce meetings. Never thought I’d love a man the way I have loved all the aforementionned women – I was certain I was a lesbian, until well, he made me discover I was bi. Oh, apart from the gender nothing have changed much: he’s not free, he’s faithful and he even got 3 kids (I am a pro-childfree girl). But it’s new anyway. I used to happen to envy my crushes’ male partners or even feel jealous, now I am envoius of a woman – over Her partner. And as if it was not enough I feel guilty even though I know he won’t cheat on his wife but I had these dreams…I know it is better the way it is, that is, I have no more sessions with him and probably won’t see him again but…I was ready to lose my virginity to him, and not only because it is high time…

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