Back to reality

I have an appointement with an Expert psychiatrist this evening to determine whether I can get back to work after more than a year of sick leave.
Now the new job hasn’t been determined. I would start part time for a year and than see how it works (no pun intended).
I am anxious because of what happened in my last job and I often have bad dreams about me working in various fields (fields I experienced mostly) and being criticized for my lack of ability and skills.
On the other hand, I can’t spend my life at home watching Youtube and doing the chores – although it doesn’t feel so bad; I feel safe this way.
Anyway. We’ll see what the expert psychiatrist’s conclusion will be.

2 thoughts on “Back to reality

    1. Oh I am far from being a nerd who masters the Internet, contrary to my lil brother who is über skilled in this field!
      The shrink said I was still on the path to recovery. I am offered a position as a librarian/archivist when and if I am ready to work again which is yet to be determined. The job seems nice because it includes writing articles for my hometown’s paper and I love writing!

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