It’s the weekend!

I am 31 and I still need to be around my parents to feel secure and more serene. Moreover, when they are away from work we go out together whilst it requires so much effort for me  most of the time to go out on my own. Time passes faster and in a more pleasant way when I’m with them.

When I was a student I spent 3 years on my own in a little studio in another town, only coming back home at the weekends to work. However, I did not really make it all alone; I clinged to some of my female teachers to feel supported and loved whilst I was away from my family.

Now I can’t see myself living alone in a flat or small house. I think it’s going to take time to get over the trauma of my working burnout and its mental and physical consequences.

For now I am acting like a teen, dressing up goth, punk, metalgirl, kawaii, lolita etc., helping with the chores, being affectionate to my parents – and to my lovely furbaby.


PS: (see picture above) Yeah this is the way I look today.


2 thoughts on “It’s the weekend!

  1. Well but i am sure for everyone parents give security, some need that special feeling of support more some less but we all should never forget how important they are…

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