One step after the other

I realized I can’t project my future; it’s too scary. I have to enjoy the now, live one day after the other, be it good, bad or in between.

I know I have to think about my redeployment. I want to have this busy life again and I fear it at the same time. I just know I can’t stay at home for the rest of my life. I have bad dreams about working again, dreams that involve me being overwhelmed and unable to work properly. I hope this shall pass.




2 thoughts on “One step after the other

  1. Uuuh, I like that picture and making the best from each moment even in scary times is difficult but a good thing to aim for! Noone knows what the future will bring so good luck with that and each tiny step you take – in the end it will lead to something great!

  2. I feel you on all of this. I remember when my kids were younger (they’re now all 19-26) but when my two youngest were 7 and 9 or thereabouts, I went through the worst depression of my life. I was also battling social anxiety at a monstrous level, when culminated into full-blown agoraphobia. it was hell. I had to then balance being terrified of leaving the house with having to get the kids out and about- not easy! Also, I was heavily medicated.

    Now I look back on those days, and they seem a ,million miles away- like a bad dream. I’m a completely different person now. You’ll get through these hard times: I promise. The scary days do get better, and fewer, until you find yourself on the other side of the river, looking back. Love the drawing too. 😉

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