Blood test and giveaway contest

Before I get a femur implant I had to undergo a blood test. It’s not really good: not enough red cells, white cells and D vitamin and iron. I have anemia. This is probably due to the amount of blood I lost in the two-storey fall although I was transfused (but obviously this was not enough) The lack of D vitamin might explain why my femur broke again. D vitamin is what prevent bones to be brittle. But don’t worry, I’m going to be treated so everything gets back to normal before the op.

Meanwhile, the Halloween giveaway contest is still running. You can win:
vampire girl12096616_10153754571244432_5952212510280873163_n

you will receive a REAL SILVER pentacle Pentacle, spooky fake tattoos, stickers and more.

Please write the link to your blog in the comment area IF AND ONLY IF it is about the following:

  • Goth
  • Alternative fashion
  • Vintage fashion
  • Art in relation to alternative fashion and/or spirituality
  • Craft in relation to alternative fashion
  • Mental health issues’ recovery (ED, depression, anxiety etc.)

If it deals with all of the above it’s even better! I will pick up only ONE BLOGGER and I can’t tell you when they will receive the giveaway exactly but it will be before Oct. 31st of course!

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