Halloween giveaway

So it’s the first time I offer a giveaway but I thought it might provide my blog and art some advertizing AND help me discover new interesting blogs. Indeed, to win a copy on glazed paper size 10cm x 15cm of my drawing of this Halloween vampire girl and other secret little Halloweenish stuff, please write the link to your blog in the comment area IF AND ONLY IF it is about the following:

  • Goth
  • Alternative fashion
  • Vintage fashion
  • Art in relation to alternative fashion and/or spirituality
  • Mental health issues’ recovery (ED, depression, anxiety etc.)

If it deals with all of the above it’s even better! I will pick up only ONE BLOGGER and I can’t tell you when they will receive the giveaway exactly but it will be before Oct. 31st of course! Good luck!

vampire girl

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