From Paris with hope

So I went to Paris to have my appointement with the surgeon at the clinic. There will be two solutions: A, he will remove the plate and screw inside my thigh AND then put an implant. B, if the hole after he has removed the screw and plate in my bone is too large, I will have to wait 3 weeks to  one month before he actually sets the implant. In any case, I WON’T BE IN A WHEELCHAIR! I’m a bit nervous which is totally normal but I’m surprised at how I accept things as they are: the wait, the pain, the lack of mobility and the fact that I will have a femur implant at only 31. I guess I am more confident about the future and more relient about the past.

DSCN6016 DSCN5994 DSCN5995 DSCN5996 DSCN5999The hotel’s lift, corridors and rooms are a bit small and narrow, but the place is luxurious anyway!

DSCN6007 DSCN6014

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