Is bad karma gone yet?

I thought the stormy weather would make this day sound gloomy but it was not the case at all. I managed to doodle a gothic lolita on my little sketchbook, surfed the web, played with my poor furbaby who can’t go for a walk today and watched The Crow: Salvation. Although not a great film, I was well focused on the English version with French subtitles and enjoyed the goth aesthetics. Later in the afternoon I watched an episode of Dexter and here again, my focus and interest in the show were good. 

Apart from that something incredible and wonderful happened to me two days ago: after ten years of digital friendship, I eventually met the teacher of an Learn English forum she runs. She was with her husband and her dog, a sweet bitch named Laika. They were all very kind and my friend was cheerful and witty as always. They met my parents when they dropped me home and were offered a bottle of Sauterne which pleased them. I offered my friend a framed drawing I made and she offered me a lovely heart shaped keyring. It seems that the worst days are over, and surviving was a good thing in the end.

2 thoughts on “Is bad karma gone yet?

  1. Ignoring the bad news here because I am sure you know I will be sending you some ferie dust ❤ that meeting seems like a good thing, tiny gifts to make each other smile for a while!

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