I think my therapy is “plateauing”. It helped me a lot in the past, helped me cure my depression which is absolutely great, but regarding the anxiety and the feeling of relative weariness, it seems to not be that useful.

My family seems more helpful. They support me, encourage me and most of all, love me. Things are not easy at the moment, I was the victim of work discrimination and am getting into a lawsuit, and I admit I could not take it on my own. I take it a day at a time, trying to enjoy the now, even if sometimes yesterday’s pain comes back into my face and thoughts about my future cause panic attacks.

I think I have finally understood that I absolutely must not wait for my life to be perfect to start enjoying it. There will always be misfortune, upheavals, loneliness and other issues, but I must focus on the good in my life to not spoil it.


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