Man: I am shock…

Man: I am shocked by it’s an event related with laws! Wow! Where are u from? My Goodness! Which country’s law regulates that cancelling an job interview violates people’s right? Woo…

Me: [name of the person] In France when you sit for a pannel interview and are called a few days later to learn that you succeeded and have been hired, it is an official offer of employment, and cancelling it afterward is illegal. I think in your tongue you call my country 法国, the country of law and indeed, law applies to hiring process too. If I hadn’t been hired in the first place, I would have accepted it as fact and moved on. But I was given hope by an official promise and commitment and this hope and the trust was broken so I ended up feeling very depressed and had insomnia and panic attacks for a week. Besides, and this is worse, my reputation was tainted by someone who did not have the right to display any personal and medical information to my future employer. I was portrayed as an asocial, problematic, disturbed person and even out of the context of work this is utterly unfair and here again, illegal. I am sorry that in your country people can’t fight back that easily in case of injustice regarding hiring process and defamation.

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