About plus size

I’m slim. I like being slim. I have  been skinny, but then I was sick. So I prefer to be “normal slim”, with a normal BMI. I have gained weight, my thighs are no longer stick thin, my ass is more curvy and I (almost) have no more fucking thigh gap. And yet, people still compliment me on how slim I am. I would lie if I’d say I am not flattered.


I am totally FOR fat pride, body acceptance at any size; the disappearance of emaciated models on the catwalk; the end of photoshopped photographs of women in magazines; the increase in plus size models. I don’t wanna be the slim one who does fat shaming, because I know people who got ill (anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, depression) from being teased about their weight. And this is not acceptable.


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